SURVIVALCORNER.COM could just save your life and your wallet too

Posted by Patrick Smith on August 09, 2013 0 Comments

A quick look at and you'll realize they're playing for keeps.  This site was created by professional survival experts to sell critical survival tools to first responders, military personnel and police.  Commando Lock is proud to be affiliated with them in effort to supply quality gear for every situation.  

If you're thinking this is just another high testosterone site for the weekend warrior, you're not entirely wrong. will satisfy that guy too.  But to be clear, there is a restricted area for the professional with clearance approval.  Well, I'm a lock maker so I don't know what's in that corner of the site.  

From water purifiers, fire starters and shelter to heirloom seeds, radioactive iodine protection, and weapons for self defense.  These are tools for survival, tested by the good guys in some really bad places.  For the rest of us is a the ultimate toy store full of bugout bag essentials and gear we want just in case, whether we know how to use it or not.  

So when you get the chance to check it out, get comfortable and go through the whole site.  Picture yourself equipped with the right gear for the right situation so when the shit hits the fan, you'll have the tools to be a hero even if that's only appreciated by your kids during the one weekend a year you actually get to unplug from reality.  But put a limit to it while you shop or you'll melt your credit card.  The prices are fair and just, but there are just too many cool items you've got to have.


Shin Kicker - Tactical Boot Weapon
Ouch!  Didn't see that one coming did you?!!  survival already did the math and the formula works.  In true survival situations, making the right choice could be the difference between living and dying.  When you get serious about survival, these guys can equip you with the right tools so you have choices. 

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