ICHANGE Series Padlocks

The COMMANDO ICHANGE series of padlocks is the most versatile security system in the industry.  Our patented technology allows you to choose the perfect shackle for the job.  No tools necessary!  Simply open the lock, turn the key and change your shackle.  2 second change over. 

Our hardened steel shackles (ASTM 4) are used by the US military and institutions where in the normal course of operations, the products are locked until the shackle is cut.  With the COMMANDO ICHANGE system, the padlock can be re used by simply removing the cut shackle and replacing it with a new one. 

For higher security requirements, you can install our boron alloy shackle (ASTM 5) with improved resistance to cutting and prying.

New to the ICHANGE team of products is our COMMANDO SHACKLE GUARD offering the highest degree of protection in its class.  Using our patented SOLIDBODY technology, the shackle guard wraps completely around the shackle, leaving no exposure to bolt cutters.   Stronger than cast steel shields.  Compare our design to the competition when you're looking for the ultimate shackle protection.  Exclusive to the COMMANDO ICHANGE series of padlocks.



We're building to a better standard.

The SolidbodyTek 44 Series is the first collection of laminated high security padlocks by Commando.  These American made products are defined by their quality from design to manufacture, striving for the best lock at the best value.  44mm (1 3/4") is the width of these full size solid locks that come without a decorative plastic cover to make them look big.  The smooth sweeping radius of the laminated body leaves more steel around the locking mechanisms, protecting them from forceable entry attempts.  Each plate of a Commando Lock is burr oriented and mechanically interlocked to the next plate by 100 tons of pressure in our process called the Commando Method.  The Solidbody Tek 44 Series made by the Commando Method guarantees the strongest laminated padlock assembly in the market. 

Our Commando Government NSN series locks are best in class, exceeding all ASTM requirements for GSA Approved US Government padlocks. 

PEACEMAKER commercial locks are a dressed up version of the Government NSN series, availiable in weather resistant zinc or polished black chrome. 

For innovators by innovators, the iCHANGE series is really 2 locks in 1.  Engineered to be removable, you can change shackles on your iCHANGE lock in seconds.  The iCHANGE lock is the most versatile security tool in the industry.

All Commando Locks are loaded with high security pins to resist surreptitious entry and are completely shim proof and bump proof per ASTM F883-09 testing requirements.



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