Commando Security Solutions

Commando Locks are protecting US military assets worldwide, now they can protect your most valuable assets at home.  All of our locks are designed to fit the most popular US and Metric commercial and retail applications.  If you have an application question, email us at and we’ll offer our best solution.

    • Sheds                                                                                                      Farm equipment
    • Tool boxes                                                                                             coolers
    • Property gates                                                                                      Machine lockout/tagout
    • Trailers                                                                                                  Electrical panels
    • Dock boxes                                                                                            Personal watercraft
    • Gun cases                                                                                              Gym lockers
    • Campers                                                                                                Motorcycles
    • Storage units                                                                                        Ammunition depots
    • Photography cases                                                                              Oil rigs and refineries
    • Pickup trucks                                                                                       Gas storage and distribution
    • Bugout bags                                                                                          Trucking containers