For innovators by innovators, the iCHANGE padlock is really 2 locks in 1. Our patented design allows you to quickly swap from a standard shackle to a long shackle – and back – in seconds, with no tools required! This enables you to use one lock for a wide range of applications. Changing shackles is as simple as a turn of the key to release the shackle and another turn to secure the new one. And you get this flexibility without giving up strength and security.  The iCHANGE lock is the most versatile security tool in the industry.

    • Includes two 5/16 diameter shackles: 1-1/8″ and 2-3/4″ clearance.
    • Choose hardened steel (ASTM 4) or boron alloy (ASTM 5) standard shackle only
    • Solidbody Tek interlocked and riveted steel plate construction for strongest padlock assembly
    • Chamfered rivet holes prohibit lock fracture by chiseling the rivet heads off
    • Dual hardened stainless steel ball locking mechanism defends against prying and hammer blows and can’t be shimmed or bypassed
    • Highly pick-resistant Commando high security 5 pin cylinder with anti-bump technology and up to 10 security pins is standard
    • Non marking rubber bumpers protect your items against scratches
    • Complies with ASTM F883-09
    • RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) compliant