Cooler Locks: Why Every Camper or Hunter Needs One

Are you planning a camping trip in the near future? There's no better way to unwind and relax than by pitching a tent in the open wilderness. For a safe and enjoyable experiencing, though, you need to pack the right items. While you're probably familiar with common camping items like a sleeping bag, fire starter, food and water, you might overlook the importance of a cooler lock.

What Is a Cooler Lock?

A cooler lock is a special type of lock that's designed to work in conjunction with a cooler. Whether you own a Pelican, BigFoot or any other premium cooler, it probably supports the use of a cooler lock. When inspecting the front of your cooler, you should see two small and narrow holes -- one on each side -- that run through the lid and the lower lip. These holes are used to support a cooler lock.

The purpose of a cooler lock is to secure a cooler so that only the person with the key can open it. As long as the shackle is inserted into the body -- and the lock itself is placed through the cooler -- the cooler won't open.

Why Should I Lock My Cooler?

With a cooler lock, you can rest assured knowing that no animals will be able to get into your food. Regardless of where you are camping, you'll probably sharing the space with countless animals, some of which may try to sneak into your cooler and steal your food.

If you're going camping in an area where bears are common, you need to lock your cooler. Bears can smell food from up to 20 miles away. In fact, the strength of a bear's sense of smell is approximately 2,000 times greater than that of a human's sense of smell. Without a cooler lock, a bear could venture into your campsite during the nighttime hours to steal and devour your food.

How to Use a Cooler Lock

Using a cooler lock is a simple and straightforward process. Start by inserting the key into the body and turning it to release the shackle. With the shackle open, run it through one of your cooler's lock holes, after which you can insert it back into the body.

For maximum protection, don't choose just any cooler lock. Choose a Commando Cooler Lock. Featuring both a cable shackle and traditional fixed shackle, it's one of the most advanced cooler locks on the market.

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