What Is a Master Keyed Lock?

When managing multiple locks, it's difficult to keep track of all the keys. If you manage an office complex with a dozen different units, for example, you may have 12 keys -- one for each of unit. If you happen to lose one of these keys, you won't be able to open the lock to the respective unit. You can avoid problems such as this by choosing master keyed locks.

Overview of Master Keyed Lock

A master keyed lock is a padlock that works with both a unique key as well as a master key. They aren't sold in single units. Rather, they are sold in multiple units as part of a master keyed lock system. Whether it consists of two master keyed locks or 200, though, each lock supports a unique key as well as a shared master key.

If you purchase 10 master keyed locks, for example, each of the 10 locks will have a unique key. At the same time, you'll also receive a master key that can be used to open all 10 locks.

Master keyed locks look and function just like any other padlock. They feature a shackle connected to a body that you can open by inserting and turning a key. The only difference is that master keyed locks support the use of a master key, which is capable of opening all the locks in the master keyed lock system.

Reasons to Use Master Keyed Locks

When should you use master keyed locks? It's not uncommon for business owners, managers and administrators to use master keyed locks. If you run a business, you may need to provide certain employees with a unique lock. Using master keyed locks, each of these employees can have his or her own unique lock.

Most importantly, you'll have a master key that you can use to open all your employees' locks if the need arises. If an employee loses his or her key, you can use your master key to open the employee's lock.

Where to Purchase Master Keyed Locks?

You probably won't find master keyed locks available for sale at most home improvement or general goods stores. Most local retailers such as these only sell basic locks without a master key. Here at Commando Lock, though, you can purchase master keyed lock sets. When you order a set of master keyed locks, you'll receive a unique key for each of the locks as well as a shared master key that can open all the locks.

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