Responsible Firearm Ownership Begins With a Lock

Do you own a gun? Well, you aren't alone. According to a recent Pew Research survey, approximately three in 10 Americans own a firearm. Being a gun owner, however, carries certain responsibilities, including proper storage. Neglecting to store your gun in a locked container could result in it being stolen. To learn more about gun locks and why they are important, keep reading.

Locked Storage Is Required in Many States

Depending on where you live exactly, you may be legally required to store your gun in a locked container. In the United States, there's no federal law requiring gun owners to use a locked storage container. With that said, nearly a dozen states have passed their own safe storage laws for guns.

In Massachusetts, for instance, gun owners must store all their guns in a locked container. Whether it's a pistol, rifle or shotgun, all guns in The Bay State must be stored in a locked container.

The Majority of Americans Support Locked Storage Laws

Even if your state doesn't require the use of a locked storage container for guns, it may adopt this requirement in the near future. A survey conducted by APM Research Lab found that eight in 10 Americans support safe gun storage laws, including the use of a locked storage container. As a result, there's a good chance other states will create new legislation requiring gun owners to use a locked storage container.

Choose the Right Lock for Your Gun

You shouldn't use just any lock to secure your gun cases. For maximum protection, choose a Commando Lock. Featuring a high-carbon steel body and shackle with black-zinc plating, the Black Gun Case Commando Lock is the perfect solution.

Like other Commando Locks, the Black Gun Case Lock features 10 security pins. Why does this matter? Well, the more security pins a lock has, the more difficult it is to pick and bump. While other locks often have just four to six security pins, Commando Locks feature 10 security pins, thereby offering a superior level of protection against picking and bumping.

In Conclusion

Even if no one ever attempts to steal your gun, storing it in a locked container offers peace of mind knowing that it's safe and protected. Just remember to choose the right type of lock. Avoid using low-quality locks with an equally low number of security pins. Instead, choose a heavy-duty Commando Lock to achieve the highest level of security for your firearm.

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