Thank you for visiting the Commando Lock Company.  We are a proud supplier to the US Department of Defense and a growing name in the commercial padlock industry.  For over 25 years my companies have supplied of the biggest brand name lock manufacturers with our tooling, parts and technology.  We agree that the time has come for Commando Lock to share our innovations with you.  Quality, strength and security no longer have to come at a high price.

Our goal is simple:  A better padlock at the best value.  

Commando is actively working with the worldwide locksport community to design better locks.  We're promoting American manufacturing in partnership with the best global component manufacturers in the industry.   



We're building to a better standard.  Patented technology.  Simple dependable designs.  Proven quality, strength and security.  Commando locks are American made in the beautiful state of Michigan.  Commando offers compelling reasons to consider our locks when securing your assets is absolutely critical.


Very best regards,

Patrick Smith 

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