5 Reasons to Choose a Commando Lock

Not all locks are made equal. For the highest level of quality and performance, there’s no substitution for a Commando Lock. Our military-grade locks have been protecting the property for consumers and businesses for over a decade. Unless you’ve seen them in action firsthand, though, you might assume that a conventional generic-brand lock will suffice. Here are five undeniable reasons you should upgrade to a Commando Lock.

#1) Heavy-Duty Construction- Shrouded Padlocks

All Commando Locks feature a heavy-duty construction in which the plates are interlocked under 200,000 pounds of pressure. Known as the Commando Method, it’s a proprietary manufacturing process developed and used exclusively for Commando Locks. By interlocking each plate to the next under such extreme pressure, the end result is a heavy-duty lock with an unparalleled level of strength and durability.

#2) 10 Security Pins - Pick Resistant Padlocks

With a total of 10 security pins, Commando Locks offer a superior level of security compared to other locks on the market. As you may know, security pins are designed to prevent nefarious individuals from picking or bumping a lock open. While other locks often have just four to six security pins, Commando Locks feature 10 security pins to safeguard against lockpicking and bumping techniques.

#3) Recurved Design - Heavy Duty Padlocks

Some of the most popular Commando Locks, including Total Guard pictured above, feature a recurved design to protect against hammer blows. In other words, the top of the lock – the section below the shackle – is curved backwards to minimize the force of hammer blows.

#4) Weather Resistant Padlocks

Still not convinced that a Commando Lock is worth the investment? In addition to their heavy-duty construction, 10 security pins and recurved design, Commando Locks are weather resistant. Rain, snow and humidity can wreak havoc on locks by contributing to corrosion. Commando Locks, however, are designed to withstand weather without succumbing to rust.

During the manufacturing process, a protective coating is applied to each Commando Lock. This coating creates a shell to prevent moisture from reaching the lock’s metal where it would otherwise cause rust to form. You can leave your Commando Lock outside for weeks or even months – and it won’t develop rust.

#5) Made in the USA (with US and Global Components)

When you purchase a Commando Lock, you can rest assured knowing that you are supporting local jobs. All Commando Locks are manufactured in Troy, Michigan and we use nearly all US parts, only our cylinder and keys are imported). If you’re tired of wasting money on cheap locks that fail or even fall apart, make the switch to an American-made Commando Lock.

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