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In 2006 Commando Lock was founded in Southeast Michigan with a mission to make a better padlock, make a more secure lock and to make it in an innovative way all in the USA.


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The idea for Commando Lock came when as a 3rd generation American manufacturer, Patrick Smith took a progressive stamping process that he and his father used for the automotive industry and applied it to padlocks. This was immediately disruptive to how padlocks were traditionally made.

Quickly, locks could be manufactured with aerospace tolerances. This resulted in greater strength and efficiency as they came from a single piece of metal. Commando had changed the game. Industry leading security was added to the locks – Pat worked with professional lock pickers (Locksport folks) to make them more pick and bump resistant. Patents followed for an interchangeable shackle solution (iChange). Commando quickly became known as high quality, hard to pick lock brand. The US Military bought Commando and it was named the official lock of one of the nation’s largest disaster recovery companies. 

In 2018 another Detroit native, Matthew Damman, joined Commando Lock as the CEO to help further elevate the brand, to bring it to more consumers and deeper into the commercial markets. 

With a world class product line, Commando Lock is a company focused on helping people defend what matters to them. We're making highly secure and great looking locks. 

Lock It and Leave It. Go Commando!

Our History: three Generations of American innovation

Commando Lock Padlocks First Building Tool

Commando Tool, Detroit, MI - Est. 1949 

Commando Tool

Precision Grinding Dept. - 1952

Commando Tool

Tool Makers - 1954

Commando Lock Co. 2013

Over 45,000 Lbs. of American Carbon Steel 

Finished Locks - 2019

Commando Lock Headquarters

395 Elmwood Drive

Troy, MI 48083


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