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USA Lock


It’s decades of engineering experience and our process that makes our line of locks different. 

Aerospace tolerances and automotive precision in a lock. Made in the US with US and Global Components. 

Each plate of a Commando Lock is interlocked to the next plate by 200,000 lbs. of controlled pressure in our process called the Commando Method. The plates are precisely oriented creating the most accurately assembled  lock body. Open and close a Commando Lock and you'll feel the difference. They don’t just look better, Commando Locks are the strongest laminated padlock assemblies in the world.


The iCHANGE™ padlock is really 4 locks in 1. Our patented design allows you to quickly swap from a standard shackle to a long shackle or cable – and back – in seconds, with no tools required! This enables you to use one lock for a wide range of applications. Changing shackles is as simple as a turn of the key to release the shackle and another turn to secure the new one. And you get this flexibility without giving up strength and security.  The iCHANGE lock is the most versatile security tool in the industry.



All locks can be picked. Our goal is to challenge the picker under pressure to force other tactics and slow down or defeat the attack. The bad guys recognize Commando and just move on to an easier target.

Thanks to the Locksport Community, Commando’s commercial line of locks incorporate proven security measures. Our paracentric keyway challenges even the best locksmiths. In a pin tumbler lock, the cylinder is comprised of locking pins. Security pins have custom shapes to give the false impression that one has successfully manipulated the cylinder to an open position. More pins with shapes equals a tougher lock to pick. All Commando Locks are loaded with up to 10 high security pins to resist surreptitious entry (lock picking). Anti-bump technology is standard in all of our locks. When the leading brands on the shelf have 0-5 security pins in their designs, we’re betting that the bad guys might just walk past your Commando Lock and move on to an easier target.

Commando Lock is extensively involved with the Locksport community – to continually learn how to make our products more secure. To learn more about Locksport, visit any of the leading forums online or with the search term, “Locksport” on YouTube. These forums include:

Commando Lock Steel Padlock 1100


We use Automotive Grade finishing technologies on all of our locks. This means our locks are treated with the highest quality coatings available to assure they stand up to any environment. Most locks are tested and resist 120 hours of salt-spray. Commando locks will resist nearly 5x that or 600 hours. Our locks hold up longer, no rust! 


We’re always looking for ways to remove unnecessary complexity. Our Keyed Alike padlock sets are a perfect example. Each lock is stamped with its matching key number. Each set of locks has a custom number. Each Key opens all of the locks in the set. All Commando Locks models are available in quantities from 2 – 100.


Do you need to have individuals access a specific lock, but have administrators, managers, or owners be able to gain master access to every lock? Commando Lock has you covered with Master Keyed padlock sets. Every lock is keyed different. Each lock is stamped with its matching key number. Each set of locks has a custom number. Your Master Key opens all of the locks in the set. Simple. Secure. Dependable. Contact us for special orders sales@commandolock.com