Bolt Cutter Proof Padlocks | Total Guard Cut Resistance

What Is The Most Secure Padlock? Looking For An Uncuttable Padlock?

Looking for a high security padlock that gives peace of mind knowing it is bolt cutter proof? Break in crimes happen every day with criminals picking and cutting padlocks. Some will use grinders but they are loud and messy - some still use traditional blot cutters. Are there more locks resistant to bolt cutters that cannot be cut and that is highly pick-resistant? Yes, there are locks by Abus where you can spend over $100 and they are great, but for an an affordable lock with the same or better security, you can go Commando Lock. Our Total Guard starts at $34.99. 

What Padlock Can't Be Cut?

The Commando Lock Total Guard is that lock! The 5001 laminated steel padlock with ball locking mechanism is also Made In The USA with US and Global components. 

Applications Of Cut Proof Padlocks?

Our blot cutter proof padlocks are used as:

  • Locks for gates,
  • Locks for sheds,
  • Locks for shipping containers,
  • Locks for industrial use,
  • Locks for trailers and trailer hitches,
  • Locks for trail cams,
  • Locks for outdoor use of any kind. 

They are the best padlock for the price. 

How Are Commando Locks Cut Resistant?

Our Total Guard Padlock is the only lock featuring a fully 4-sided shrouded shackle. We accomplish this by using our patented iCHANGE technology to allow for the shackle to be removed, this let's the shackle accept a full guard. Not even 42 in bolt cutters can get through this. Get Secure. Go Commando!

Keyed Like Padlocks 

Our Total Guard Bolt Cut Proof Locks can be keyed alike in any quantity. We sell 2 packs, 4 packs and can also do 10 packs or 20 packs of keyed alike, or any quantity you need. Simply let Commando Lock know. We use Y52 keyways and each lock comes with 2 keys. 

When security matters, Go Commando Lock. 




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