What Is an Interchangeable Shackle System?


The shackle is arguably the most important components of a padlock. Typically consisting of a U-shaped piece of metal, it allows for the attachment and removal of a padlock. When you turn the key inside a padlock, the shackle will open. You can then secure the padlock to your property, followed by closing the shackle. While all padlocks have a shackle, however, only Commando Lock's iChange Series features interchangeable shackles without tools required. So, what is an interchangeable shackle exactly?

Interchangeable Shackles Explained

An interchangeable shackle, as the name suggests, is a padlock shackle that can be swapped out for a different shackle - OR- Cable making the lock essentially a 4-IN-1 padlock. 

Benefits of Using an Interchangeable Shackle

Purchasing a padlock with interchangeable shackles is a smart investment because it eliminates the need for multiple padlocks. Rather than purchasing three or four different padlocks with varying shackle lengths or cable locks also, you can purchase a single padlock with interchangeable shackles and swap them out in seconds.

Some padlocks with interchangeable shackles support cable shackles as well. Even if a padlock uses a traditional U-shaped shackle, you may be able to replace it with a cable shackle. If you're tired of purchasing and using multiple padlocks, perhaps you should try a padlock with interchangeable shackles for this reason.

How to Change the Shackle

For iCHANGE™ padlocks, such as the Commando Lock Total Guard, you can swap out the shackle in just a few easy steps. Start by placing the key inside the padlock and turn the key clockwise until the shackle releases. Next, open the shackle to 180 degrees, after which you can turn the key counterclockwise until it stops. You should then be able to remove the shackle from the padlock. With the old shackle removed, place the new shackle in the padlock's marked groove. Finally, turn the key clockwise until it stops.

For visual instructions on how to change an iCHANGE™ shackle, click here.

In Conclusion

An interchangeable shackle is simply a padlock shackle that can be swapped out for a different shackle. Most padlocks have a fixed shackle that can't be fully removed. You can still open the shackle on one end, but you won't be able to completely remove it. Padlocks with interchangeable shackles, on the other hand, offer a higher level of versatility. Using these padlocks, you can swap out the shackle for a long shackle, short shackle or even a cable shackle.

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